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Latest Update 25 April

 Researchable Parish Data:

For those people who are researching their families who may have lived in Threekingham (we don't have Spanby or Stow), we have access to the Parish records going back to 1572. We cannot post or send them as images of the actual pages from the records, but we can offer the opportunity for the records to be searched and any discoveries made known.

BH kindly has spent time to take all the data from these records and create potential Censuses that go every 10 years from 1581 to 1911 - with a stab at the 1921 one too.
If individual researchers want copies of those, they are available. We ask for a donation that can be given to the church St Peter.

Have a look at the potential 1581 Census.

If you are interested, please get in touch.

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